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1000 EGP
30 Min

NEVSPA Siwa Salt Scrub

Refresh your skin and bring back its natural glow with our signature sea salt scrub. The sea salt that is derived from evaporated seawater and full of minerals carry myriads of benefits for the skin. The magnesium in Siwa salt reduces inflammation, while the sulfate flushes out any skin impurities or toxins. Indulge in the captivating aroma of lavender, sandalwood, white musk, and lemon grass mixed with sea salts, breathing new life into dull skin. The delightful scrub is a real skin savior that unclogs pores, removes impurities and bacteria, and exfoliates dead skin leaving your complexion breathing freshly. The scrub also regenerates the skin and improves the blood circulation making your complexion younger and healthier.

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